General Manager of Warehousing and Distribution at Mitchell Cotts Group

Kennedy Mulwa Kioko

About Kennedy Mulwa Kioko

Kennedy Mulwa Kioko is the General Manager of Warehousing and Distribution at  Mitchell CottsGroup. He is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in the areas of warehouse and distribution. He holds a degree in finance and this has been a great asset in enabling him to implement data-driven operations that align with the current world requirements. With a strong background in finance, he has also excelled in forensic audits and process set up and reaching KPIs.

As the General Manager, Kennedy has his sights set on making a significant impact in the sector, leading to customer satisfaction and returns to shareholders. He has demonstrated his expertise in the field by setting up processes to unlock potential, motivating teams to run operational excellence in the warehouses, and onboarding 4 big clients, which has brought in significant revenue. He has also established KPIs to ensure consistency in service levels.

With him at the helm of the Warehousing and Distribution division, you can expect nothing but the best.