Coffee Handling Facility


Coffee Handling Facility

Mitchell Cotts has recently invested in a motorized coffee bulking facility located at Mitchell Cotts Logistics Center along Mombasa Road, Nairobi.

A Motorized Coffee bulking and Holding Silo Unit

The silo is capable of holding 24 tonnes of clean coffee at any one time. The Bulking Silo is made of mild steel with a mild vertical steel spiral screw. The tank is fitted with a bottom feeding detachment to permit effective mixing and is driven by a 20 horse powered gear motor.

The equipment comprises of:

  1. Bulk coffees to desired parameters by use of a crew
  2. Two holding silos capable of holding 360 kg's of clean coffee each at any one time
  3. Exit Blowing
  4. Exit Bagging off
  5. Internal Perspex monitoring