Container Freight Station Services (CFS)


Container Freight Station Services (CFS)

Mitchell Cotts is well equipped to handle all forms of containerized cargo for both imports and exports.

Efficiency is key in our facilities, our main aim being to ensure that our clients are able to fully maximize on their distribution channels at an affordable price.

Why nominate your cargo with us:

  • Capacity: We have vast storage space and our largest yard is able to store up to 12,000TEUs
  1. Kibarani CFS - 800,000sqft
  2. Shimanzi CFS - 25,000sqft
  3. Nairobi Logistics Center - 150,000sqft
  • Cargo transfers from port to freight station within 48 hours
  • Extended free period on your cargo, from date of last sling
  • Priority service to transfer your containers from port to CFS
  • Accurate reporting systems
  • Round the clock surveillance and security
  • Extra free days on Dangerous cargo (DGR)
  • Statutory authorities stationed within the CFS
  • State-of-the-art equipment to handle any kind of cargo
  • Fully dedicated yards for cars, projects and containers
  • 48 reefer pluggin points
  • Designated marshaling points
  • Licensed to handle transit cargo
  • Flexible working hours
  • Well equipped and secure ware-housing facilities