Distribution and Third-Party Cargo Management Services


Distribution and Third-Party Cargo Management Services

Mitchell Cotts Freight can manage local warehousing and distribution of your finished products and currently offers outsourced logistics solutions to importers and merchandisers of commodities such as Tea and bagged Fertilizer.

Finished products or raw material is designated for storage in designated warehouse by the supplier. After concluding a contract of sale with a buyer, Mitchell Cotts is charged with the responsibility of delivering the goods to the buyer and in other cases the buyer collects the cargo from ex-Mitchell Cotts warehouses.

Mitchell Cotts Freight is also very experienced in the distribution of producer tea packages, destined for the Mombasa Tea Auction, from the producer estates to the buyers and brokers. 

The tea is delivered to the warehouses by transporters assigned by Mitchell Cotts Freight or the producing estates. The tea is received, palletized and stacked in the warehouse. The cargo is logged into the inventory management system and this facilitates the monitoring of stock balances to ensure accountability and inventory accuracy.

Goods are delivered to the buyer upon receiving release instructions from the owner.