Motor Vehicle Handling Facility


Motor Vehicle Handling Facility

Our Location

Mitchellcotts Container Freight Station (CFS) is strategically located in Shimanzi, only 1km from the vehicle terminal at KPA and a very short distance away from the shipping companies, banks, clearing agents and majority car showrooms.

Mitchellcotts takes pride in being one of the first to develop and implement the CFS concept in Kenya, our proven industry knowledge and flexibility to provide tailor made products focussing on impacting and consistently meeting customers’ unit profitability.


Our CFS facility is highly rated for maximum security by Customs, we are fully equipped with an electric fence, CCTV cameras, patrol dogs and guards on 24HR patrol.


We have 3 terminals Shimanzi – coded as MIT, Kibarani coded as MCF and BP2 located at the Port

Our facilities have the capacity to handle over 4,500units at ago.

We handle Brand New and Second hand vehicles.

 We are well equipped to handle heavy machinery and equipment.

Why Choose Us:

  • Our dedicated team of staff are ready to give customer focused services.
  • Personalized customer service to all agents and individual importers.
  • We tailor make a product based on our customers need requirements.
  • Our in-house customs clearing department enables us to offer door to door service to our vehicle importers.
  • We are only 1km away from the KPA exit gate giving an edge in monitoring security.
  • We provide Security escort of motor vehicles from the port to our facility.
  • Tallying of motor vehicles at the Port and upon arrival at our facility.
  • A one stop shop -  all the related state Corporations pertaining motor vehicle clearance are located in our facility.