Warehousing Services in Kenya


Warehousing Services in Kenya

Our warehousing services in Kenya capacity is expansive with both bonded and free storage facilities available. We pride ourselves in the high levels of service and quality of our warehousing services. Our primary emphasis is on capacity availability, dependability, security of cargo and efficient service tailored to meet client needs.

The following constitutes an indication of some of our warehousing services in Kenya:

  • Bonded warehousing 
  • Container packing and unpacking 
  • Packing and crating services 
  • Full trailer and container loading facility (Mitchell Cotts Container Freight Station, Mombasa) 
  • Storage, distribution and consolidation for imports and exports 
  • Repacking and/or re-working services 
  • Long/Short term storage contracts 
  • Rail Access 
  • Labeling and sorting services 
  • Stock control and reporting 
  • 24 Hour Security
  • Fumigation of Consignments and fulfillment of phytosanitary requirements

Warehousing Services Locations

There are two warehousing areas, Mombasa and Nairobi with Custom bonded facilities. 87% of which is located in Mombasa and 13% in Nairobi. The total warehouse capacity in Nairobi and Mombasa is approximately 160,000 square feet. 

In Mombasa the warehouse is situated in an ideal location in Shimanzi with close proximity to the port of Mombasa. Mitchell Cotts Freight warehouse capacity in Mombasa comprises of 63,000 square feet of covered storage and an additional leased storage of 70,000 square feet. 

The warehouse complex is rail served thus connecting it with the main Mombasa, Nairobi, Kampala trunk railway line

The warehouse capacity of the Nairobi office located on Mombasa road opposite Syokimau railways station is 100,000 sqm. Nairobi branch also has a custom bonded warehouse.

All the go-downs are of an open floor type designed with a well laid out storage area and the adoption of professional and efficient stacking patterns. 

To maximize the storage space, the warehouse staff ensures that cargo is always properly and carefully stacked, avoiding too much broken stowage and ensuring that the correct stacking height is achieved without compromising the easy accessibility of cargo.

All our go-downs are inter-linked by some articulate aisle-ways to allow the forklift trucks to maneuver easily through the go-downs.