Heavy Loads / Oversize Cargo transportation


Heavy Loads / Oversize Cargo transportation

Our Fleets include:

Platform Trailers

We have platform trailers in a variety of size, load bearing capabilities and maneuverability including single, double and triple extenders. We have the specific platform trailer to suit the need of the customer.

Semi Low Loaders

We maintain a fleet of semi low loaders which vary considerably in sizes, load bearing capabilities and maneuverability depending on the load; these are available in hydraulic and pneumatic suspension. We have low loaders which can achieve a running height of 840 mm.

Low Loaders

The fleet of low loaders we operate range in size and load bearing capability

Modular Equipment

We have an impressive array of specialized modular equipment which can be configured in a maltitude of trailer set ups. The modular equipment makes it possible to set up the most economical solution for any transport project with variety of decks and beams which can be set up in various lengths.

Standard Semi Trailers

We have 22 standard 40 feet flat bed and sided trailers to back up our fleet.

Conventional Low Loaders

We have ten assorted standard spring suspension low loaders 3 axle, 12 tyre trailers with drive in drive out ramps which can carry different types of earth moving equipments and machinery, and drop decks types low beds to carry OOG packages with height issue.

Tractor Units

We have prime movers ranging from conventional 6 x 4 tractors to the impressive 250 ton capacity 8 x 4 and 6 x 6 ballasted heavy haul units.


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