Collateral Management Services


Collateral Management Services

Our Collateral Management services involve receiving physical commodities into storage and retaining control over them until we are instructed to release them in accordance with pre-determined terms of agreement.

We achieve physical control by obtaining/regulating technical and security aspects of the storage facilities in accordance with Upstream Limited internal warehousing standards. We also secure legal control of the storage facilities by executing a lease and/or storage agreement with the owners of the facilities.

Additional services such as sampling, distribution and insurance of goods in storage are available upon request. Unless local legislation or the agreement requires that documents of title be issued, receipt of the physical commodities into storage by Upstream Limited is evidenced by the issuance of non-negotiable warehouse receipts.

The advantages of using our Collateral Management services include:

  • Access of structured trade finance.
  • Increases flexibility and opens option in trade finance transactions.
  • Transfer of storage and other associated risks to the collateral manager.
  • Physical and documentary control of the pledged goods.